Meinecke Family- Family Photographer

by Jena Miller

These two girls were so sweet and well behaved. I watched everything that mom and dad did during the session hoping to pick up parenting tips!  Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your family photos!

Henderson Family - Grandview Family Photographer

by Jena Miller in

Matt and Dayna were kind enough to let me use their adorable family to advertise my fall family sessions.  How lucky am I! Any time with the Hendersons is a FUN time!  They are the type of people that ask "How are you doing?", and they truly mean it. They honestly stop to listen to see exactly how you are.  You know, the type of people that when they talk, you know that they mean every word?  Every single time I am around these two, I leave with a smile and warm heart. They are tons of fun and so genuine, and I am lucky to call them friends.

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Seger turns 3 months - Grandview Child Photographer

by Jena Miller in

Ok, so Seger is probably walking by now since I am so behind on my posts!  Love this cutie little family, so so sweet! Seems like the stars always align just right for their sessions, both times the weather/light/locations have just worked out so perfectly! Can't wait to get this little man in front of the camera again, all smiles!

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Everett James - Grandview Maternity Photographer

by Jena Miller

Inabeth and Jay were SO fun to photograph! I bet if you look really closely, you can find the pose that we gave Jay free reign on, lol! Love the impromptu locations we found, funny what you can find in the middle of town...rusty barn and gorgeous field, love small town USA!

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Every third day....

by Jena Miller

Every third day my dad went to the fire station.  As a fireman's daughter and now a fireman's wife, I have always tried not to think about the reality of the job they did every third day.  I did my best not to think about the dangers of the fire, the carelessness of the drivers on the road while they worked a wreck, and the overall possibility that something could happen. You can't live in worry like that, its just not good for you. With that being said, when something does happen to one of our fireman families, it hits all of us VERY HARD. This week, a fireman's wife got news that we all live in fear of every third day. My heart breaks for her, for her kids, for the entire DFD family.

 I am so blessed that my dad was able to safely return from every shift until he retired this last year.  I wanted to include some photos we took to remember the occasion, I know he probably won't approve of this post, but I am proud of him :) so they are going up anyways!

Dad...thanks for all your years of hard work and sacrifice to help the city and people of Dallas...and your family! We love you Pappy Jack!

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The return of the missing photographer....and a cotton pick'n maternity session

by Jena Miller in

MIA.... I know, I know, I have been missing for a LONG TIME! Crazy things have been happening while I have been away. Since my last post,  I have gained a baby nephew (love my little Levi),  sold my home, gutted a house and renovated it (in a month and a half), moved homes, and in January... I began teaching first grade for the first time ever. AAAHHHHH! I am tired just thinking about all of it.  It has truly been a whirlwind, and while I wish I could sound like supermom and say it has been a breeze, I can't! It has been tough, and I am so glad for things to get back to a normal amount of crazy.  I'm used to hectic and busy, but November-January was just out of control, hehe.

We moved back to our hometown where I am now teaching, and we couldn't be happier! We loved our past home, I mean we really loved it, but we know the move was a good decision for our future. We are living in a small house in town, so that we can save up to build on my families land.  Though our house is smaller than what we are used to, and as I write this there is a train blaring in the background, it feels so great to know that each month we will be able to put away a nice amount of money for our future home.

Anyways, I will do my very very best to post all the sessions I have gotten behind on. There are quite a few, so I will just take it one day at a time.  I will start off with a bang, with Abby and Zach's maternity session. I was DYING to do a session in the cotton fields, and Abby being a talented photographer herself, was of course up for it!  Wilder is now here, and he is just as cute as his mommy and daddy!


Also, make sure to visit Abby's website HERE

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